Monday, June 18, 2007

Video learning

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words - so how would you value moving pictures with words - video clips ? Of course it all depends on the content, but if you are trying to learn about something it may be easier for many people to watch a video about it than just to read about it.

The current generation of students are used to viewing video clips on their mobile phones or via YouTube on their computers. For someone teaching or learning economics there is now beginning to be a reasonable library of online material out there that can help in classes (maybe just to break up the monotony of a lecture or to give a newsy illustration of a point or argument) or for homeviewing (as a less demanding alternative to reading a book or an article). And if, like me, you are teaching a course on the Economics of the Internet it is incumbent on you to provide links to some of the bast of this material.

The Economics Network of the Higher Education Academey here in the UK now has a links page to useful audio and video lecture material. Many other useful items can be tracked down via
Google and YouTube.

The BBC has an excellent selection of
online news clips and
news feeds.

But there are are other good sources too. Here are some that I think will be of particular interest to anyone interested in the economics of the Internet.

I'll keep a longer list of videoclips on my ENET website .


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