Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Google-Sun Alliance

This week has seen the announcement of an alliance between Google and Sun Microsystems. Under the agreement Sun will distribute the Google Toolbar with its Java software when it is downloaded from the Sun website. Sun will also add a Google search bar to their OpenOffice software (a free alternative to Microsoft Office). Some analysts had a lukewarm reaction to the announcement, which had been heavily trailed. They had been expecting rather more. But others see it as a very significant development. Stephen Shankland, a CNET News Staff Writer, writing in the New York Times, says “ there anything in the partnership that isn’t directly aimed at Microsoft?”. The new alliance is geared towards moving the focus for software from the PC desktop to the network and the wider Internet. Instead of having software stored locally on your own computer you would access it from the Internet. That way you could be sure of having the latest up to date version. This idea of a “thin client” environment has been around for a number of years, but maybe this latest partnership will be the one to make it happen. And if it does Microsoft should be very worried. As Jonathan Schwartz said in his weblog this week, the Internet allows us to bypass Microsoft’s distribution system.


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