Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hello everyone

I am creating this blog mainly to support two courses that I teach:-

1 The Economics of the Internet (ENET). This is a module available on postgraduate economics programmes at the University of Portsmouth. The web page for the module is

2 The Internet for Business Economists (IfBE). This is a module on the BSc Business Economics and Computing degree at the University of Surrey. The web page for that module is

Both courses aim to show the relevance and importance of economic concepts and models in explaining the development and the pattern of growth of the Internet and its impact on economic activity of various types, and to examine a range of other economic issues raised by the development of the Internet.

I often want to alert students to new developments in the technology, or its use, or point them towards new journal articles or books discussing such developments, particularly from an economics point of view. And I want feedback from the students too, either pointing out things they have come across, or debating issues such as "Would a system of e-mail stamps help to get rid of spam (Unsolicited Bulk Emails)?"

But this blog is available to anyone who might stumble across it to contribute. You can be as formal or informal as you like in your postings - but please keep it clean!



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